Construction of New Hanover Township Firehouse Months Ahead of Schedule

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP --  A fire house near Wilkes-Barre that broke ground just a few months ago is already nearing completion. The new headquarters of the Hanover Township Fire Department is several months ahead of schedule.

The space off of the Sans Souci Parkway where it will be constructed used to be a lumber yard. But soon, it will be the $3M building’s new headquarters.

“We need it in the town, we need it in the and they're good people, they're all good fireman, they're good to the people here in town,” said a man who goes by Big Andy.

Officials broke ground in September, and it was supposed to take about a year to complete. Hanover Township officials say the building should be finished in just a few months.

“I've been passing it on the way, and progress has been looking really, really good!” said a man who often drives past the site.

There are several fire stations tucked away in some neighborhoods in Hanover Township. Some of those station will be incorporated into the new headquarters on the Sans Souci Parkway.

“We are happy with this location because it is central,” said another person.

The Hanover Township Fire Department will also have crews working another station on the North End and a third station on the South End.