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Power to Save: Christmas Tree Recycling

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SUNBURY -- Now that Christmas has come and gone, many of us are putting away our decorations and taking down our Christmas trees. What do you do with your trees when you take them down? Some people in Sunbury recycle them.

A few days ago a pile of trees we found were decorated and sitting inside people`s homes. Now those trees are sitting in the brush pile behind Beiter`s on North 4th Street in Sunbury. That`s because the city has a Christmas tree recycling program.

"What we're doing, first of all is we're doing the environmentally correct thing," Dale Henry said.

Dale Henry is the Director of Public Works in Sunbury. Henry told Newswatch 16 about Sunbury`s tree recycling program. Every morning through January 9th the Department of Public Works picks up trees left at the curb.

"When we get so many trees, we'll bring them over to the shredder, they'll get shredded up and then ultimately it goes on our mulch pile," Henry said.

In order to be picked up the trees have to be free of ornaments and they can't have a stand still attached.

"Could be a pretty good inconvenience when it goes through the machine," Henry said.

Once all of the trees are turned into mulch they get put onto  piles. In May, the mulch is given out for free to residents.

"It's a very nice service that we can provide to the community that we can give back to them," Henry said.

After January 9th, Christmas trees can be taken to the brush pile behind Beiter`s on North 4th Street in Sunbury on Saturdays from 7:30 until noon.