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Deadly Crash Shuts Down Interstate 80 East in Union County

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WHITE DEER TOWNSHIP -- A deadly crash Thursday morning has a major highway shut down in Union County.

Two trucks collided just after midnight along Interstate 80 between Milton and Loganton.

Interstate 80 east is closed between the interchange with Interstate 180 west, that's the Williamsport exit, and the Lock Haven exit.

Officials haven't released the names of anyone involved.

Traffic is being detoured through Lock Haven on the Clinton County side of the closure.

Authorities haven't said when that stretch of highway could re-open here in Union County.

Head here for the WNEP Traffic Tracker.


  • find parking knuckleheads!

    I agree troutlover. And I’m a trucker. When roads are bad these trucker cowboys need to STOP! I always do. Tell your dispatcher your stopping and it’s not up for discussion. Or travel on and kill someone. These yahoot truckers are making ME look bad!

    • Capt Bogart

      I drive these roads daily in a car. 40% of the traffic is traveling at least +15 mph over the speed limit, no matter the weather conditions. Its time to stop the weekly dying on these roads and bring out the electronic speed boxes.

  • Troutlover

    What’s going on with these so called “professional drivers”! We’re just lucky any more to survive these morons when we drive any where! Time to reinstate the “two speed” law and make them restricted to 55MPH NOW!!

    • Megan Piktel

      Please be kind in your comments. There is information that was not released to the public yet, this was not an accient due to weather, it happened before the snow and ice. The man that died had two million safe miles, was a driver trainer for over a decade, and a multiple time driver of the year. He preached SAFETY to every driver he knew – personal vehicle and tractor trailer. He left behind a wife, three sons (two truck drivers) and a four month old daughter. The family is heart broken enough without reading cruel comments on the internet blaming this tragic accident on poor driving.

      • Nichole Scherer

        Megan I knew Bill he was a very good guy and I am so sorry for your family’s loss. I went to school with Jen and to this day we are still friends, if you or your family need anything please don’t hesitate to ask.

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