Bakeries Busy Leading up to Christmas

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- For places like Bakery Delite in Plains Township, this week has been a game of trying to restock the store shelves as shoppers just keep stocking up.

Whether it's because of the nut rolls, the gingerbread men, or any of the other tasty treats, Bakery Delite has become a Christmas tradition in and of itself for many families over the past 36 years.

A small sample of the selections at Bakery Delite in Plains Township

A small sample of the selections at Bakery Delite in Plains Township

"I love coming down here. They have such great food," said Brian Knorr of Mountain Top.

"It brings back nostalgic memories," said Sam Popple of Bear Creek. "I remember coming here as a kid a lot. My family always loved this bakery, so I like coming down here and having to get cookies for my grandma because it brings back nice memories."

"Every holiday for something, it has to be for something. I can't say I'm not coming here," said Bernadetta Letoretti.

Letoretti knows she's a good cook, but this year she's leaving it to the experts.

"I usually make my own, but I haven't been up to it, so I'm buying it, and I'm sure Bakery Delite is happy."

Workers at Bakery Delite say these next couple of days will be their busiest of the year all leading up to Christmas.

"We're just busy making a little bit of everything -- cookies, gingerbread houses, pies, cakes -- everything," said co-owner George Blom.

It's a lot of work, but rewarding for Blom each and every year being a part of those family traditions.

"We've been doing it a long time here and there's certain traditions--gingerbread menĀ and people decorate, and it's nice to be a part of it."

All that's left to say is there are three full days left until Christmas if you still need to stock up on some sweets or special treat before the big day.