Susquehanna County Woman Convicted of Murdering Family to be Released From Prison After 36 Years

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MONTROSE -- After more than 36 years in prison, a judge in Susquehanna County ruled Roxanne Severcool should be released as a result of a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

Severcool received three life sentences after her mother, brother, and father were murdered back in 1980 at their Springville Township home.

Investigators said her boyfriend at the time, Robert Fadden, pulled the trigger, but a jury also found Severcool responsible for the death of three family members. Another brother, James, was shot but survived.

Years went by before the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that sentencing juveniles to life in prison was unconstitutional. Severcool was 17 years old at the time of the murder. She is now 54.

Newswatch 16 asked Severcool what would it mean to be released before she walked into the Susquehanna County Courthouse on Friday. She said, "A whole new life."

"It took quite awhile for us to sort through what she did while she was incarcerated to come up with an appropriate sentence," explained Robert Klein, District Attorney for Susquehanna County. "We don't have any guidelines at this point as far as range or what it should be."

After speaking with family members, like Uncle Harold Stockholm, both sides agreed it was time for Severcool to move on.

"We've had 36 years of this," said Stockholm. "It's time to have it over. I'm just kind of glad that it's over. Hopefully, she can do something with herself out of prison now."

A judge re-sentenced Severcool to 18-36 years in prison with time served. Severcool has already served more than 36 years in prison, meaning she could be released before Christmas.

Severcool will be returned to the state prison near Erie where she is expected to be formally released.

That being said, most family members agreed they did not want to be with Severcool once she's released. As part of her probation, Severcool is not allowed to interact with family members or even visit Susquehanna county. county.


  • Terry S.

    I understand everyone has an opinion and you are in titled to them, but PLEASE for the love of God take into consideration the 2 surviving bothers, they are the ones dealing with all of this again. Some of your comments are extremely rude & hurtful. My husband is one of them & I can see the hurt & pain in his eyes. So please think of them. (there is alot more to the story then anyone knows other then immediate family). Thank you, & God bless!


    The brother she killed was only 10 years old, and her other brother who was shot and survived was 15 years old, according to police records. She was almost 17, almost 18, at the time.

    • BE NICE

      I wonder what her only surviving brother feels about her release, God Bless him. What ever happened to him? Who cares about her, she should just stay in prison and not expect “a whole new life”.

      • Terry S.

        Just goes to show you people don’t have your facts straight , there are 2 surviving bothers and they are both doing great!!! I truly wish people would be more informed before running their mouths, the media only tell enough of the story for headlines NOT all the facts !!

      • BE NICE, as well as several other news station articles, states there were only 2 sons, the 10 year old was killed and the 15 year old survived. Don’t know where you’re getting your info. Terry, but read on other sites before accusing others of not knowing what they’re talking about.


    If they’re letting a murderer out of prison, how do they justify dictating what county she can and cannot live in? So it’s okay for a murderer to be released to all counties but Susquehanna County? Not fair, and not Just!

  • Bill K.

    I’m sure all you who feel so sorry for her and who are so thankful she’s out of jail won’t have any problem offering her a room in your house, right? Might as well let her drive the family car too. Guess you’d trust her enough to take your credit card and have some fun at the mall too. I mean, she does have 36 years to catch up on. If you feel so bad for her I suppose you’d have no problems letting her stay with you.

  • Mary L.

    She did her time. The powers that be have decided her fate, punishment and release. I hope she does ok now and finds peace and hope.

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