Braving the Freezing Cold in the Poconos

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MONROE COUNTY -- Armand Beniamino walks the streets of Stroudsburg delivering mail every week.

On this particular day, he was a little more bundled up, braving the cold temperatures.

"It's alright, yeah it's not too bad. You know you dress correctly and you move around, you survive. What are you going to do when it gets really cold," said Armand Beniamino, U.S. Postal Service.

With the mild winter we had last year, Beniamino tells Newswatch 16, he knew the cold weather would catch up to us eventually.

The hardest part for him?

"The wind, the wind. The wind seems to be a problem. Everything else, nah. It's a beautiful day and the sun is shining," Beniamino.

Beniamino isn't the only one working out in the cold.

Fred Grelecki is a traffic control supervisor for AWP.  He also had to work outside in the cold.

"Well, I know what to prepare for. We do get breaks through. Every two hours we get a warm up in the truck if we need to," Fred Grelecki, AWP Traffic Control Supervisor.

While some people don't like being out in the cold, some others are embracing it! Like people here at Camelback Mountain Resort, now open for the winter season.

"Well, I'm hot. I'm always hot so this is the place to keep cool," said Jim Bellenski, New Jersey.

People hitting the slopes at Camelback tell Newswatch 16, they don't care how cold it is, nothing will stop them from taking on the mountain.

And the key to keeping warm? Layer up!

"Just normal stuff you know. Normal jacket and pants and that's about it," said Jacob Heffner, Oley.

"Oh, I have a love for skiing, so clearly, I'm going to be here and regardless if it's cold or not, we are going to be skiing away all day," said Christine Hoffman, Bethlehem.