Section of Interstate 80 in Monroe County Closed for State Police Investigation

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TANNERSVILLE -- State police closed a stretch of Interstate 80 in the Poconos Wednesday morning to reconstruct a deadly crash.

I-80 west was closed at the Tannersville exit (299).  It reopened to traffic by about 2 p.m.


Troopers are reconstructing a deadly crash from last month that resulted in the death of four people, including two children.

Gill Ramos from Pittston was stuck in the backup but understood why it needed to be done.

"Well, absolutely, yes, you have to give the families closure and whatnot. It's something you need sooner rather than later."

State police now say after further investigation, a third vehicle may have been involved in this crash. Initially, they believed there were only two: a Mercedes and a box truck.

Police are hoping this reconstruction will determine what role the third vehicle played, if any, into the crash and if any charges will be filed.

After drivers exited at Tannersville, they only had to drive about a quarter of a mile to get back on I-80 at Scotrun.

Daniel Duval from Bushkill knew about the closure and planned ahead. He says the wait wasn't all that bad, and it moved along.

"Pretty steady at first and then it kind of got slow," Duval said. "I wasn't there for too long, maybe a half hour."

Others, like Reginald Hocking from Franklin, New Jersey, thought differently about the traffic. He wasn't expecting it and was on his way to the outlets and the casino.

"If they are going to do it, at least have something open for the people to go, you know? You just don't shut everything down. People need to go other ways, they have to get somewhere and that's just it."

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  • Common Sense

    So, they weren’t there when it happened. They showed up and saw the accident AFTER it happened. A month later they think “new” evidence suddenly showed up in the ditch?? A third car? Come on guys…..lame, lame, lame. Stop wasting money and do your job correctly the first time.
    STOP “speculating” what happened. Because you made it up, does NOT make it a fact…….Go to Hazelton and catch some drug dealers, for Pete’s sake.

    • Common Sense

      That’s what we’re stuck with after they let the “State Police Cheaters Scandal” participants keep their badges and guns.
      Maybe they should have paid attention in class and not been cheating losers.

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