Duryea Police Investigating Rash Of Vehicle Break-ins

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DURYEA -- Police in Luzerne County are looking into a rash of vehicle break-ins that all happened in the overnight hours.

Duryea police are putting residents on alert after they say more than a dozen cars were reported to have been entered and ransacked.

Sometime in the overnight hours, the chief says at least 14 vehicles were reportedly broken into.

Michelle Reviollo says her car was one of them as well as others on her block.

“When I woke up this morning, the police were down there at the end of the corner,” said Reviollo. “I actually went to go start my car and I noticed there was stuff sprawled all across my seat, so I went down and I said to him, 'Are you here for the break-ins?' And he's like, 'Yeah." I said mine was one and he told me I was car number five.”

Police say the break-ins were reported on Pettebone Street, Dickson Street, Watt Street, Lackawanna Avenue and River Street, which are all in the same vicinity.

Police say the cars were ransacked and loose change, even a wallet was taken.

“I heard that both my neighbors had both their vehicles broken into,” said David Curtis.

Police believe someone may have gotten a look at those responsible. Officers were called to the 100 block of Pettebone Street during the night after a witness saw two men breaking into vehicles, but when the officer arrived, the men were gone.

Duryea police posted a description of the men on its Facebook page. They are described as white males in their early 20s, one skinny and one heavy set. The slender man had on blue jeans and a black letterman type jacket with white sleeves. The heavy man has facial hair and was wearing khaki pants and a dark zip up hoodie.

“It's strange for this neighborhood because we've never really had problems with the neighborhood at all as far as any vandalism or break-ins,” said Curtis. “We're all going to make sure our vehicles are locked. That's for sure.”

“It's scary because this is a nice neighborhood, a nice quiet town, and normally things like that don't happen, but we have a great police force and I know they'll get on it right away,” said Diane Orlowski.

Police are asking that anyone with information who may have seen the thieves to contact the Duryea Police Department at 570-457-1721 ext 2.


  • Axia

    Were the vehicles *ACTUALLY* broken into, or are people simply choosing to leave their vehicles unlocked, and hence open to anyone who wants to take something from them?

      • Axia

        That is a fact, and I am not here to debate facts – just pointing out that if someone leaves his or her car unlocked, then he or she is essentially asking for items to be taken. You wouldn’t leave your front door of your house open when you go away, would you?

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