Daughter Raising Money for Family’s New Home

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BUFFALO TOWNSHIP -- A student at Bucknell University is trying to surprise her father with a very special Christmas present -- a new house! The family has seven adopted children, all with special needs.

Sasha Carpenter was adopted from Russia when she was a baby. Since then, her parents adopted six other children. They'd like to adopt two more, but their house is not big enough, so Sasha is working with a realtor and fundraising to give her family a Christmas present they will never forget.

Sasha Carpenter is a sophomore at Bucknell University in Lewisburg. Like her classmates, she's studying for final exams and getting ready for the holidays. In between all that, Sasha is working on another project.

"Over Thanksgiving break, I decided to set up a fundraiser to surprise my dad and my sisters with a new home for Christmas," Carpenter said.

Sasha's dad Brian knows nothing about this. Sasha's parents adopted seven children from around the world, including Sasha.

Brian Carpenter is the founder of Ting Ministries, a nonprofit organization that works with teenage and special-needs orphans in different countries.

According to Sasha, the family found a house right near Bucknell University that will suit their needs perfectly. All they need is $20,000 for a down payment.

"We can move in with a rent-to-own situation," Carpenter said.

Sasha says their current house in Lebanon is too small, especially since the family wants to adopt two more children. All of the Carpenter children have special needs.

"It would mean a lot just to be able to give my sisters a bigger home to grow and to give them more opportunities," Carpenter said.

19-year-old Sasha has a form of cerebral palsy. Doctors in Russia told her she would never walk. She credits her parents for her success.

"Here I am at Bucknell now fully walking and double majoring," Carpenter said.

Sasha hopes to raise a good portion of the money needed before Christmas so she can surprise her dad.

"He has no idea this is happening, so I just can't imagine seeing his face when I tell him we can move up here," Carpenter said.

Click here if you'd like more information on how to donate to Sasha's family's house fund.

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