Man Held On $200K, Charged With Assaulting Infant

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SCRANTON -- 25-year-old Shakir Johnson is behind bars, accused of assaulting an infant who was in his care at the time.

Court documents show Johnson was arrested after that 8-month-old girl was brought to Moses Taylor Hospital Wednesday by her mother.

It was at the hospital where serious injuries were discovered.

At a house on Prescott Avenue in Scranton`s Hill Section where investigators say Johnson lives, the women who answered the door would only say this.

“No comment please, no comment, thank you.

When asked how the baby was, one woman answered: “She’s doing great, thank you very much, we appreciate it but no comment, ok?”

According to the Lackawanna County District Attorney, the baby had a fractured eye socket, a fractured leg and bruises on her back.

Investigators say Johnson said he dropped the baby overnight and admitted to shaking her roughly on occasion and said he accidentally sat on the baby a month ago.

He also admitted to sometimes slapping the infant.

Neighbors here say they don`t understand how someone could do this.

“I`d die for my kids in a heartbeat and to know that someone else is endangering them, that is an infuriation, I couldn`t imagine it honestly,” said Glenda Liz.

“My kids mean everything to me so if they did that to my children, ugh, he deserves to be in prison, definitely,” said Sarah Rivera.

According to investigators, the baby`s mother says she was at work when the child was injured and that Johnson takes of the baby while she`s gone.

Johnson now faces several charges, including aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of children.

“An individual could hurt someone`s kid or their own kid, it`s something that`s distasteful, it`s disgusting, it`s alarming,” said Liz.

Johnson is being held at the Lackawanna County Prison on $200,000 bail.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for December 14th.


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