Decorated Potty Chair Brings Christmas Cheer in Wilkes-Barre

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WILKES-BARRE -- "I decided just on a whim to decorate it, which you can see, I did a pretty good job of."

Call it Christmas comedy--or some potty humor, if you will.

A man in Wilkes-Barre’s Parsons section has started a holiday tradition of leaving a decorated potty chair on his neighbors’ properties.

"People can use a good chuckle at any time of the year, really,” said Ed Gross.

In 2014, Gross had heart surgery. He was sent home with a potty chair, which he didn't need.

"It sat in the basement collecting dust until a light bulb went off in the head at Christmas time,” he said.

He decked out the chair, making it holly and jolly. There's red and green toilet paper, mistletoe, festive socks, lights, garland, and even some candy canes inside.

Gross left it on a neighbor's porch and a tradition was born.

This year, the potty is lit at another neighbor's house.

“I love it! It's neat! My grandchildren live next door. I have to keep them off it. You know, I'll get even,” said Bill Everett.

Depending on how you look at it, if you're lucky or unlucky enough to get the traveling potty, it comes with a contract and some responsibility.

"I drafted a contract which every recipient gets promising to keep it lit from December 1 through New Year’s and then the following year, they'll be on the committee to select the new home it goes to,” said Gross.

Gross says the plan is to continue to potty chair surprise every year in the Parsons section of Wilkes-Barre.


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