Lycoming Mall Shoppers Eager for Deals

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MUNCY TOWNSHIP — Plenty of people showed up at the Lycoming Mall for some Black Friday shopping.

At the Lycoming Mall near Muncy people walked through the mall on a mission and many had their arms filled with shopping bags.

Emily Martin had her arms full with a very young Black Friday shopper — 6-week-old Karis.

“We try to get all our shopping done in one day so we just go out and get all of our Christmas shopping done,” Martin explained.

“I do it every year,” said Annette Hall of Salladasburg. “It’s just fun, watch the crazy people, entertaining.”

Some of the anchor stores at the Lycoming Mall opened on Thanksgiving but the mall itself stayed closed. That didn’t stop Wendy Yarsky and her family from Northumberland.

“We were actually out last night and got home around 11 p.m. and took a break and then we came here around 7 this morning.”

Mall employees say a lot of other people had the same idea.

“More later morning, early afternoon,” said Ashley Healy of The Kitchen Collection. “I think probably the people who were out last night went to sleep and now they’re getting up soon and going out shopping again.”

Mall employees say they’re happy the mall stayed closed on Thanksgiving Day and instead opened up at 5 a.m. on Black Friday.

“I didn’t have to leave my family. I could stay with them and eat dessert,” said Healy.

Most of the stores in the Lycoming Mall are having sales and so are most of the stores surrounding the mall.

“There’s some really good deals if you’re willing to fight the crowds and all that,” said Yarsky.

Some of the stores at the Lycoming Mall are running these sales all through the weekend but some are Black Friday specials.