Talkback Feedback: It’s Over

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For the past few weeks, months even, the election has dominated the talk on social media and on our Talkback 16 lines.

Now that it's over what will talkbackers talk about?

Scott Schaffer takes a look to find out in this week's Talkback Feedback.




  • Inform yourself

    The people have spoken. Trump could not have won without college educated, women, and minority votes. He got 40% of the democratic vote because Clinton was unelectable. The cry-bullies throwing tantrums confirm the right choice was made.

  • Debbie

    I predict there will be lots of discussions pertaining to Trumps upcoming court trials with Trump University in late Nov. plus he has another fraud hearing in December. God only knows what’s going to transpire in court with all the women testifying against him for sexual assault. In the meantime, Melania will be strutting herself as a beautiful and respectful first lady right up there with Jackie Kennedy if she keeps her clothes on. Sorry, the devil made me say that.

    • lookback

      Yes, it is over, this exercise in freedom for all is finished, the voters did speak, and the majority of them voted against the Beast, yet he still won or we should say was selected. There are parties of celebration taking place all over, in Moscow, at KKK meetings to the ISIS caliphate, their man won, hate won, racism won, bigotry won. Kind of appropriate this happened so close to Veterans day, our WW2 veterans fought, bled and died to fight this this ideology of hate however now their spoiled brat racist baby boomer children went to polls and in doing so also went to the grave sites of the greatest generation and held their big middle finger up to the headstone and said F you and all you fought for.

      • Inform yourself

        The majority of >Servicemen and women voted Trump >Police officers voted Trump >Special forces voted Trump >Veterans voted Trump. It must be hard to breathe with your head that far up your rear-end.

      • Henry the 1/8th

        If it were so important the Democratic party would have selected a more acceptable candidate and enjoyed a victory by a wide margin, but they did not.

    • carlea

      yes the american people have spoken and they voted for clinton. she is up by almost a half a million votes. if every vote mattered she would be president.


        How she won the popular vote: illegals voting, ‘dead’ voters, people voting in multiple locations, and voting machine fraud. If we did a recount and exposed all the fraud, Trump would win the popular by a large margin.
        I’d gladly vote for a woman president someday. One that didn’t let 4 Americans die in Benghazi, open herself up to blackmail with reckless handling of state secrets, sell favors to special interests, re-traumatize a 12 year old sex victim, take no less than 6 trips on the Lolita Express, etc, etc.
        I would be ashamed to have this person be the first women president. We have to do better than this.

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