Final Push for Trump at Rally in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- On the eve of the presidential election, Republican candidate Donald Trump stumped at the Lackawanna College Student Union on Jefferson Avenue in Scranton.

"In one day, one day, we are going to win the great state of Pennsylvania," he told the crowd of nearly 5,000 supporters.

Trump talked security, cracking down on corruption, building a wall to keep out undocumented immigrant, and of course, jobs.

"To all the people of Pennsylvania, I say, we are going to put the miners and the factory workers and the steel workers, back to work. We are bringing our country back."



Pennsylvania is one of 11 swing states, and one political experts say will be key to winning the presidency.

Trump told the crowd polls show him leading in many of those key states and he promised a "great victory."

"I think it was amazing. I think he has a really good chance in Pennsylvania,” said one supporter.

“He reinforced that we have no hope basically if we're not voting for him. This is our last shot to get things right,” said Ashley Klein of Dushore.

“This was the greatest rally Donald Trump ever gave and he couldn't have picked a better spot to come back to. The energy was crazy,” said Matt Cantazaro of Peckville.

Voters say their enthusiasm says it all. They want change, and they’re convinced Donald Trump will bring it to the White House.

"You have one magnificent chance to beat this corrupt system and to deliver justice for every forgotten man, every forgotten woman, and every forgotten child in this nation,” Trump told the crowd.


  • feel me

    After living in a world in charge by somebody who is promoting the person that will do the same stuff? Common sense tells me that I don’t like the way the world is going on around me. It’d be pretty stupid for me to choose to be taken advantage of more. I won’t waste my vote for the same old fall in rank.

  • Forward Not Back!!

    All he does is saying he wants to take our country back. The problem is how far back? The 40’s and 50’s or further?

    • i said it all

      Our country needs to go back to the ’40’s and ’50’s. The good years. The patriotic years. The years of great job creation. The years without illegal immigration. The years without crazy inner city homicide. Do I need to go further?

  • Pa. smells like burning diapers and chemicals!

    It doesn’t matter it is to late for this country DOPE, ALCOHOL, PEDOS and POWER DRUNK COPS MURDERING people! Hillary will win the rat race, WOW.

  • Writer Girl

    You Go President Trump!!!! Americans are or should be sick and tired of providing entitled foreigners with a good life, while we lose jobs, become unemployed, watch political correctness destroy our freedoms and rights and much more unfairness. At least we should be sick of it all. If PENNSYLVANIA wants a PROSPEROUS FUTURE for themselves and their children, grandchildren and more, VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP AND AMERICANS, not useless foreigners.

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