Biden Set to Visit Scranton Before Election Day

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SCRANTON -- Vice President and Scranton native Joe Biden is expected to stop in Scranton on Sunday, November  6th,  to make one final push for Hillary Clinton before election day on Tuesday.

Biden will campaign for Hillary at Johnson College's Moffat Student Center on North Main Avenue.

The event is scheduled for 11:45 a.m. on Sunday. Doors will open at 9:45 a.m.

To RSVP for the event, click here.

Biden last visited the area in October.


  • Jeff Woehrle

    Almost a shame that Hillary’s going to lose. Watching her be impeached just like her husband would be priceless.

  • Pops_the_Pilot

    Yo WNEP, where’s the coverage on Hillary’s FBI & WIKILEAK stories? It’s costing her the election and you don’t mention it?


    Not much from Biden for nearly the whole 8 years of term. Now he’s coming to Scranton on his way out. Whoop de doo!

  • God save us from the Clinton mafia

    Sure hopes this loser is only coming back to help save that dumb deer with the blue pumpkin on its nose. Then again, surprised Hillary is not coming to save the blue Rudolph. What a publicity stunt that this would be.

  • Franklin P.

    tell us anther one, Joe. Why do you only visit our depressed area when you need a vote, Joe? How come your solution to every social problem is pump more tax dollars to them , Joe? what do you think of Hillary being sloppy with CLASSIFIED US Government information, Joe?

  • Drain The Swamp

    PA voting machines owned by big Clinton donor. Wear RED (NO Trump shirts/hats). Stay vigilant for voter fraud.

  • Meh

    fresh off the stove folks….. google: “NYPD Reveals Child Sex Ring in Hillary Clinton Campaign & DNC involving Members of Congress + Fed. Judges; Evidence of Bribery, Money-Laundering, Depraved-Indifference Murder and more”


    Biden loves the Scranton area so much that he left once all the BLM goons and illegals started pouring into the area. He won’t live amongst the undesirables, but he will try and court them every four years. JUst promise some more government benefits at the expense of a hardworking white family, that gets the undesirables votes every time. Thank you Mr Biden for turning this once prosperous white christian community into a disgusting ghetto filled with the kind of people you dont want to associate with.

  • Jeff Woehrle

    Looks like democrats are scrambling to shore up Hillary even in blue states.

    I love the smell of desperation in the morning!

    • JohnKimbll

      Yeah I really hope we don’t have to listen to eight years of that shrieking. It sounds like a bag of cats being tossed into a wood chipper.

    • John

      Nope…I live in Scranton, and he is definitely not welcome. If he is so welcome…why do I see Trump signs everywhere, and VERY few Hillary signs? lol

      • Poonus

        having a Hillary sign is like saying this house has no guns come rob me. …criminals take heed, these are your people.

  • bob

    Scranton should really set some standards on who can and can’t visit their city , drug dealers and other various scumbags are one thing but joe the faux scrantonian , c’mon man

  • magicmikexxsm

    Biden Set to Visit Scranton Before Election Day…………………….
    Joe no need to come to Scranton Bro…those idiots up there are voting for the terminal liar Hillary anyways. Christ they can’t even run a city correctly, they are bankrupt..

  • Fried chicken

    WOW this is so exciting I guess ill go to work now so I could pay for all the section eight people that are going to visit Joey!

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