Boy on Bike Hurt in Scranton Hit and Run

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SCRANTON -- Police in Scranton are searching for the driver who hit a student on a bike and then took off.

Officers tell us 14-year-old Matt Birdsall was crossing Orchard Street outside Whittier Elementary School around 3 p.m. Monday.

The victim told police he signaled he planned to cross, but the car hit him and kept going.

Birdsall was taken to the hospital. He is expected to be OK.

Police in Scranton believe the suspect was driving a gray Honda Civic.

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    Very happy the boy is okay. Unfortunately he learned the hard way that just because we see them, doesn’t mean they see us. Nor does it mean that they even care whether they see us or not, as long as they have their Instagram account updated every 10 minutes, and have gas in their car, and are on schedule with their own agenda. They don’t care who they run over in the process.

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