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Deal Reached, Strike Over at 14 State-Owned Universities

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The strike at state-owned universities is over.

According to the union representing professors, there is a contract deal.

About five thousand faculty members hit picket lines on Wednesday at 14 universities including Bloomsburg, East Stroudsburg and Lock Haven.

The union announced it made concessions to salary and benefits in exchange for some changes proposed by the state.

The union said the strike ended immediately after the deal was made.

To read the full release by APSCUF, click here.


  • magicmikexxsm

    Deal Reached, Strike Over at 14 State-Owned Universities……………………………………..

    Once again FDR was correct, this is the reason why FDR was dead set against Public Sector Unions…..If you are being paid with tax payer money, you are holding them hostage, until they meet your demand……..

    Notice they the Union didn’t say how mush of a pay increase they are getting and how much more it will cost the tax payers of Pa…..

    This is another reason why not to vote for Democrats…

    • CeeMe

      The article states details will be given in the future. I’m a Repub, but see nothing wrong with unions, because the corporations and bosses, sure aren’t looking out for the middle class. Working people should be able to support themselves and those who have gone the extra mile to get education and have experience should be fairly compensated.

  • AAORD11

    These professors have no clue how good they have it, compared to most other professions. They bitch and moan and make it all about the kids, when in fact, it is all about money. The fact that some students when on strike with them, shows you how dumb and brainwashed these kids are. Profs don’t teach anymore, they all have an agenda.

    • CeeMe

      Their “agenda” is called making a dignified living and being compensated for their education and skill. People with attitudes like yours, are why PA and the rich all across the country, can cut peoples wages, do away with benefits and leave people working for $7.25 an hour. They are the ones with agendas, not the working and middle class. We’re just trying to live in this increasingly expensive society. Wise Up!

      • magicmikexxsm

        CEEME “called making a dignified living and being compensated for their education and skill”
        So you are saying that these teachers, are not paid enough????? most of them are probably making in or around 50k a year….and I may be low…..I think that’s pretty good compensation…..
        Funny in my line of work all these so called educated people come to me for advice, but I’m not nearly compensated as much as them….but yet I’m like a doctor in my Trade giving out advice… .

      • Bill K.

        Oh please. Let’s see any of them work a real job. All summer off. All federal holidays off. All kinds of random state holidays off. Work from 8 AM to 4 PM. No overtime. No weekends. Don’t have to work outside. Yet they complain they’re not making enough.

      • therealdeal

        As a student at one of these universities, I can ensure you that’s not what their agenda is or ever was. If your research went past a simple news article, you would know that their main concern was that the state school system wanted to raise the cap on adjunct workers. That would mean we would be paying the same amount to receive a lower quality of education. Do you want a doctor who was taught by the best or one who was taught by someone just barely qualified to teach?

    • CeeMe

      A politically correct, liberal agenda and hard economic facts of the real world, have no connection. Or at least shouldn’t.

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