Runners Hit the Pavement for 21st Annual Steamtown Marathon

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SCRANTON -- At the sound of the cannon, runners from 38 states and 5 countries, including Ethiopia and Canada were off. Over 1,000 runners began their journey from Susquehanna County to the Electric City.

Even though temperatures were low, runners believe the colder the weather, the better the run.

"When it's cool like this, this is good because you have more strength because if it was hot it would be a little crazy, but this is perfect," said David Shaw, one of the runners.

The Steamtown Marathon benefits children and residents of the St. Joseph's Center in Scranton. This is it's 21st year. Participants run through 13 communities.

"It's amazing how the communities come together, and its neat because it has to bring people together to put on this immense event," said Ed Osborne, one of the organizers.

Through the streets of Carbondale, Jermyn, and Olyphant, runners made their way to the finish line with fans cheering them on.

"Completely happy with the run today, great weather, great crowd, everybody cheers you on. It keeps you going," said Jason Conrad of Clarks Summit.

While some runners came to beat their personal records or qualify for the Boston marathon, others ran for a connection to strengthen relationships. Colin McDonough has a cerebral palsy and is unable to communicate. His older brother Brendan decided to push him through the marathon.

"It's awesome! We don't get to communicate otherwise. I feel like this is our real bonding time and connection and coming out here with the races and everything, and he can't really get out there but I can, so I figured why not," said Brendan Mcdonough of New Jersey.

Suelman Abrar Shifa from New York finished first with the second fastest time in Steamtown history. Caitlin Phillips from New York came in first for the women. Bruce Newman won the hand-cycle part of the event.