History Thrives as Heritage Center Receives First Artifacts

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TANNERSVILLE -- The first historic artifacts for the new Pocono Heritage Center arrived in Monroe County.

The original doors and a stained glass window from the old Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church in Tannersville will be on display.

The current owners, who turned the church into a flower shop, thought the items would be a perfect fit.

Members of the heritage society agree.

"Just having the doors as a, something to look at, something to touch, something to feel and say ‘Ooh! This has been here for more than a hundred years!’ It just leads in to more questions and finding out more about the history of the local area,” said Linford Werkheiser.

The new Pocono Heritage Center in Tannersville will feature a museum and community center.

Renovations should be complete by the time it opens to the public in November.