Pike Drive-In Near Montgomery Goes Digital

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CLINTON TOWNSHIP -- Investing in modern technology seems to have saved a drive-in theater in Lycoming County. The owners believe the conversion from film to digital is well worth the cost.

Last year, the Pike Drive-In had to decide whether to go digital or go dark.

"I'm partial to film but I’m getting used to these," said Michael Quinn, who works as a projectionist.

The drive-in near Montgomery that's been open since the 1950s now has its pick of movies. It's officially gone digital.

"To be digital means we are still in the game. We can still show movies from now until whenever they decide to upgrade to the next level," said Melanie Ryder, a volunteer at the drive-in.

The family run business bought two used digital projectors this past spring. A brand new projector cost around $70,000.

Moviegoers have taken notice.

"Last year it was good and everything, but you know, it wasn't quite as clear as if you went to the movie theater,” said Rachael Gamble from Allenwood.

There is only one screen at the Pike Drive-In that still uses 35-millimeter film. With donations and more fundraisers like this weekend's Spooker-Roo Spectacular, the Pike Drive-In hopes by next year it will be completely digital.

"We are going to be showing 'The Omen,' 'The Exorcist,' and 'Night of the Living Dead'," said Ryder.

"I think it's definitely a good thing because there are not many drive-ins around, so it's definitely nice that they do stay open," said Gamble.

The Spooker-Roo Spectacular is this Friday and Saturday during the last weekend of the Pike's season. Now that it's made the switch to digital, the Pike Drive-In plans to light up the big screen near Montgomery next year.

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