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Montoursville Man Guilty of Child Endangerment After Child Shoots Himself

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MONTOURSVILLE -- Cody Asher from Montoursville is guilty of child endangerment and simple assault with a deadly weapon.

Last March, his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son got a hold of a 45 caliber gun that was left on a bed, and the boy shot himself.

Asher was dating the child's mother at the time, and the two of them were in the shower at the time of the shooting.

The little boy did recover after the shooting.

Asher will be sentenced in November.



    I hope they charged the child as well for illegal possession of a deadly weapon. Lets see how long they last once they send them to real prison with all the hardened minority criminal thugs!


    The mother should be charged as well. She’s just as guilty. They both left a gun on the bed for the 2-year old while they showered together. Being equally stupid…they should be equally sentenced.

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