Wyoming Valley West High School Students Protest Lack of Air Conditioning

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PLYMOUTH -- While some schools had Friday off due to the heat, students at Wyoming Valley West High School in Plymouth have been dealing with a broken air condition system since school started. They say it was so hot inside the building, dozens of students skipped class and took to the streets instead.

“Right now, it is way too hot in school. It went from 98 to 110 inside classroom,” said Michael Mera, a student there.

Some parents even joined the protest, saying temperatures inside the school can be potentially dangerous.

“I`m sweating outside here, I can`t imagine what`s going on inside!” said Dina Savecky, a parent.

But other parents think these students are only trying to find an excuse to get out of school.

“When I went to school I didn`t even have an AC back then. Granted, it`s hot, but I don`t think it should be a big deal! said Linda Uren.

School officials knew the AC was broken in August when they went to test it before classes started. But because the AC system is old, built in the 1970s, it can take several weeks to build parts for it.

“We are hoping that within the week the air condition system will be up and running,” said Superintendent Irvin Deremer.

The superintendent tells Newswatch 16 he respects the 40 students' right to protest, but say it's considered an unexcused absence.

“There are 1,200 other students that in the building with the faculty members going through the day on a normal basis,” he said.

Students also protested the Wyoming Valley West school district new dress code. School officials told those students to voice their opinion at the next school board meeting.


  • Benjamin

    really 110 ? really ? the little agitators/protesters are learning to lie to the press to get their point across. The indoctrination leaders have been doing their job.

  • Taxpayer

    So, these kids want the taxpayers to pay for an AC that will only be used for a few weeks in September and, maybe, June. What happened to simply opening the windows?

  • tough luck kids,its life

    These liberal whiners get out of school in June. They have the HOT summer off to play, play, play. Then they start school in September, already into the first week. SOOOOOOON the liberal whiners will be complaining its to cold, and the taxpayers already heat the school. Maybe they should face life, it happens. The parents and school fail the next generation when they fail to teach kids weather, seasons, and temperature change. Quit your welfare whine and learn, that’s what you are there for. The tropical storm, once a hurricane named Hermine has dragged southern humid air up the east coast. The humidity is hung up in the mountains you live in. Fact of life. Can I get the teachers pay for this lesson???

  • Givemeabreak

    If it isn’t football related at Valley West it isn’t that important. The kids should still be in school though and from looking at the picture some need everyday they can get. Maybe then someone could teach them to form a protest for something more worth while.

  • Fred Mertz

    How about ya raise the money for a new AC system for the school?! Awww, it’s hot, NO body ever had to go to school when it’s hot, poor things…..

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