Local Police, Parents, Recovery Experts Weigh In On Controversial Overdose Pics

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CARBONDALE---The Liverpool Police Department in Ohio released pictures of two adults who overdosed on suspected heroin in a vehicle with a four-year-old boy in a backseat.

The pictures are shocking and have quickly gone viral.

Hundreds of thousands of people across the country have seen them. The pics were snapped and then posted online.

"How could you do that? I don't understand how they could do that. I was so upset when I saw it. A four year old? What did that four year old think as he was sitting there?” said Kristen Zvolensky of Archbald. She has a four-year old son, herself.

The adults in the picture were given Narcan, a drug used to reverse the effects of the overdose and then taken to a hospital.

The police in Ohio say they posted these pictures to convince drug users to think twice about what they're doing and who they're hurting and to give the public a better sense of what officers are seeing on a daily basis.

Members of the Carbondale Police Department in Lackawanna County like the idea.

"It was a good eye-opener to the public to see what we go through on a daily basis. We see this all the time and I think it's going to help people learn,” said Patrolman Cory Gonzalez.

The founder of Just Believe Recovery Center in Carbondale says it's important that people open their eyes to the problems of addiction, but those pictures may have unintended consequences.

"I'm glad that they sent this out so people can see this but it gives the close-minded person something else to label these people with, that's the only problem. It's sad but there's a solution to this. We have to stop looking at it like these low-life people. These are people with a bad disease,” said Cynthia Bellino.

Bellino says she is working to open a center in Lackawanna County that will reunite mothers and their children after rehab.

The child in the pictures has been taken from his mother and is the custody of Columbiana County Children’s Services.

"What the police officers did, I think was a good thing because I think we all need to be aware of the addiction everywhere. Everywhere!" said Zvolensky.

The founder of Just Believe says she's actually extending an offer of a scholarship for that man and woman in Ohio to help them get into recovery.


  • Buford T. Justice

    Why is there so much sympathy for drug users?? I don’t get it. I feel absolutely no sympathy for those two adults, however its heartbreaking to see that little boy. That’s his grandmother in the picture, who was awarded custody of him…can you imagine what kind of parents he has if THAT is the most suitable guardian for him???

  • Me

    I’m a survivor of this type of reckless parenting and it has cost me dearly, the way I see things. I don’t feel sorry for those people, I feel sorry for the trapped child. I was one of them. Who cares if they can be rehabilitated ….if I was that child I wouldn’t want my future staked on how well they fare.

  • Only one vote

    With 90% of drugs coming into the Country across the Southern border and with “I did nothing wrong Clinton” along with her “I did not have sex with that woman” husband want open borders which means it will only get worse before it gets better. This could have been stopped a long time ago by limiting availability by securing the border and being serious about stopping the drugs in the first place but with plenty of competition on the street due to abundant availability to keep prices low it only got worse. Simple common sense, if it`s not available, you can`t buy.

    • the few, the proud, the heroin importers

      Only one vote- All the heroin is coming to our country via our own military personnel. Our soldiers are packing it in the wheel wells of the humvees in Afghanistan, then returning back home. Geez, I thought everybody already knew that. Watch Dateline or 60 minutes sometime. They are always exposing this deep, dark military betrayal.

      • Only one vote

        And the Mexican drug cartels who roam freely around the Country and are numerous in Calif and most Southern States not to mention Chicago and are routinely released even when charged and have records as felons and are here illegally do not have anything to do with the drug problem??? Give me a break. You believe what the liberal left wing open border media pedals and your convinced it`s returning military. No wonder people like Clinton and Obama get elected. The CCD should investigate the rampant loss of common sense in this Country. It`s epidemic.

      • Only one vote

        First of all, where I come from is irrelevant and further more it is a well established fact that drugs are flowing from South America and Columbia via cartels and any study of news in Mexico even a basic knowledge of the gang killings and bodies hanging from overpasses with graves of fifty people or more from battles for drug routes might inform some uniformed morons who like to divert attention away from the borders. One final thought. Drugs have been a big, unspoken and often ignored by politicians who want the borders open for either cheap labor or votes and now I suppose you will blame those coming back from Viet Nam. As a vet I do take personal offense at people who denigrate our troops who sacrifice their lives to protect the rights of morons to publicly vilify them.

  • Hopeful

    This is horrible for the child and I hope he and his family get the help they need.

    I don’t believe that a person wakes up one day and says “Man, today is a beautiful Saturday morning, you know what I always wanted to try? Heroin!” Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are a small number of people that are just dumb and start like this, but 75% of people who start using heroin started on prescription painkillers they received from their doctor. Once you get addicted to a substance it’s hard to stop. I have to agree with everyone in this comments section that this is a choice the person with the addiction has to make to stop.

    However, that “choice” is not made any easier when you are shaming them on the internet and in the news. The “choice” isn’t any easier when they have addiction eating away at them. The “choice” isn’t made easier by family members distancing themselves. The “choice” isn’t made easier by being arrested, given a criminal record, and being cut off from ever having a job where they can progress in the world. The “choice” isn’t something that they have to make just one day, or one week, after they get hooked, it’s something they live with everyday for the rest of their lives.

    That choice, that level of self control, is something that is lost for them and needs to be built back up through rehabilitation, community, and developing confidence in themselves. You will talk to your friends, or post on a website saying that “The tragedy of this story is that they were revived” and then you will get down on your knees on Sunday and pray ignoring what you are being taught in that building.

    If you tell someone they are a piece of crap long enough they are going to start believing it. What do you want to see in the news? Stories of individuals who have left the life of addiction behind them and started to work towards a meaningful life? Or photos of slumped over bodies so you can make fun of them? This is a massive problem for our area and our country — it’s not going to get any better by crusading hate and shame.

    If you are struggling with addiction in your life, whether it be yourself or a friend/family member, please know that there are people out there who do care.

  • Kjgdx

    I can’t stand people who show scumbags in this situation pity.. It’s a disease? Get real! Idc if I was offered a million dollars I would never shove poison into my veins and anyone who thinks otherwise are simply weak and deserve to be taken out anyways. And yes this poor baby had to witness all of this and then have to be reunited with her in a few months when she’s “better” just to have to go through it again. Children are the worlds future and any mother who is this selfish and disgraceful deserves to rot. Help the child not the scumbag parent.

    • Marvin

      Be careful when you condemn others for their actions. Maybe you won’t inject heroin. But you may fall into some other snare. Just not, lest ye be judged.

    • Givemeabreak

      You do realize you help the child by helping the Mother? Also I would bet anything you are flawed in some way. Remember those without sin. I do apologize if you are God then you have every right to judge. You pound your chest like you are the Holiest of Thow but if you actually read your post you will see there is not one positive thing to take from it.
      What a society we live in. Ugly people that think they are awsome and perfect in every way with no actual help or real advice/plan just not as ugly as the next guy. Just like our election.

      • E

        Givemeabreak why fon’t you give ME a break from your pathetic regearsed nonsense. Lol. “Judge not lest ye be judged”, “you help a child by helping their mother” ha ha ha! Do you rehearse your stupid responses in church or at home with others like yourself?From what I’ve seen most times the best thing for a child is to be nowhere near their low class drug whore mother. Are you defending this stupid drug whore because that was you at some point during your life? Is spouting nonsensical bible verses all you have? Let me guess, Irish Catholic descended from a coal miner lol.

    • Buford T. Justice

      Unfortunately, that’s his grandmother in the picture, she was awarded custody of him because his parents weren’t suitable to have him…can you imagine what THEY are like? I feel so bad for that kid…

  • just saying

    Im thinking this is a staged photo. It looks like a mock scene from a highschool pre-prom don’t drink (or drugs) and drive awareness program. If the government want to send a believable message why not put an autopsy photo of a overdose victim when they are cut open while having their organs tested and weighed?

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