Jim Thorpe Hopes To Install Parking Kiosks

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JIM THORPE -- Parking meters may become a thing of the past in one part of Carbon County.

Jim Thorpe wants to replace 70 of its parking meters with parking kiosks. The kiosks would accept bills, coins, and debit and credit cards.

For a group of guys from the Philadelphia area, walking around Jim Thorpe is a treat. But constantly having to feed the parking meters is not. That's why they were excited when they heard the borough hopes to replace its parking meters with parking kiosks.

"I think kiosks are much friendlier than a parking meter and plus parking meters are a bit archaic these days," said Dave Damiani, King of Prussia.

Seven kiosks would replace the borough's 70 parking meters downtown.

"Currently, we are searching a grant through the local shared to try and obtain $79,000 to complete this project," explained Jim Thorpe Police Chief Joseph Schatz.

Chief Schatz says residents in the downtown have been asking him to look into the parking kiosks for a while. When the chief used a kiosk himself while on vacation this summer he saw for himself how convenient the machines can be.

Some people we spoke to said carrying around a pocket full of coins is never fun, so if you're able to use a parking kiosk, it's much more convenient.

"Who really wants to carry this nonsense anymore? I think it's much more modern and coming into the times," Damiani said.

For tourists, checking for change in cup holders to feed the meters is a frequent challenge. They hope to see the borough make the switch.

"I think it's a good option," said Nicholas McGovern of Langhorne. "Every time we park here, we have to get change for money before we can park, so I think it will be great."

You would also be able to pay for your parking time by downloading an app on your smartphone.

Many shop owners along Broadway park on the street and they think the app could be a big help.

"I've gotten parking tickets because I didn't get out there in time to feed the meter," complained Mike Spillman, House of Jerky owner.

The Jim Thorpe police chief thinks that the kiosks and app feature will help decrease the amount of parking tickets given out downtown.

The borough plans to apply for state grant money to pay for the parking kiosks.

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  • J Hiller

    I live in a town that has parking meters also. I have a retail store and a restaurant on Main St which is where most of the stores are. Our town has 8 blocks of beautiful historic buildings and is home to many shops, eateries, etc. I will never understand for the life of me why an employee, business owner, or building owner feels that they should have the right to park there, where in hell do they expect the CUSTOMERS to park! Funny part is that the owners and employees complain that people don’t shop in their stores. WAKE UP people, leave the parking spaces along your shopping district for those who wish to be customers. House of Jerky would sell more jerky if the owner didn’t take up a parking place!

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