Jail Term for Home Improvement Fraud in Wayne County

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HONESDALE -- A man accused of using his home improvement business to swindle elderly clients was sentenced Thursday in Wayne County.

David Borsdam was sentenced to 20 days to five years in prison. He pleaded no contest in July to home improvement fraud.

Investigators said Borsdam charged one client over $83,000 for unnecessary repairs at a home owned by that elderly victim.

Betty Borsdam was also charged along with her husband and entered into ARD in July. She must pay restitution, do public service, and is on probation from doing any home improvement work for two years.



    I find it hard to believe that an upstanding white citizen could do such a thing. It must have been a simple accounting mistake. We should not rush to harshly punish them for such an innocent mistake.

  • Supporter of America

    These POS should have to pay back every dime. What a couple of low lifes. Twenty days to five years and probation what a joke after ripping people off for money they likely worked their whole lives for. Maybe judges need to start living in the homes of the people that were ripped off.

    • faaq

      Sadly, any restitution will probably be pennies on the dollar. How long did the judge give them to pay all of it back? Bet he plays the disability card, no one can take that $.

    • robert

      do what my wife and I do. two times this year we have remodeled a full bath and recoated a roof for people who needed it but couldn’t afford it. We are not wealthy but it sure does feel great helping people out

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