Kathleen Kane: Fall from Grace

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SCRANTON -- Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane is resigning after a jury convicted her of perjury and obstruction of justice.

Kane is a native of Scranton and people in her hometown have mixed reactions to the past 48 hours.

It is a stunning fall from grace for the first female elected attorney general in Pennsylvania. People we spoke with say she was once the pride of the Electric City, but no more.

Kane was found guilty of all charges Monday, and on Tuesday, she announced her resignation.

"I mean, I think it's obviously terrible, but I think everyone should get the consequences done to them. You do the crime, you pay the time. That's what I believe," said Kacie Kuchinskas of Scranton.

Kane was convicted of leaking secret grand jury information and lying about it.

In a statement Tuesday, she thanked Pennsylvanians and wished them well.

Bruce Castor, the first deputy attorney general is taking her place.

“Once the jury has spoken, it becomes very difficult for any law enforcement officer to have credibility with even the appeal of a criminal conviction of a serious nature,” Castor said.

Kathleen Kane is a native of Scranton and people we spoke with say what happened has really given the city a black eye.

"Probably embarrassing for the whole county, makes the whole county look bad. And there's people who voted her in, so they're probably upset about that, too," said Keith Black of Scranton.

Newswatch 16 did reach out to Kane for an interview. She told us she wasn't able to speak with the media.


  • agaymultiethnicdingoatemybaby

    First of all, let me just say that you just don’t cross the good ole boys club in Pennsylvania. That’s why I despise Pennsylvania. Honesty is very highly discouraged in PA. I’m not saying that Kane is some kind of saint. She’s just as corrupt as most of her predecessors. There was only one that was more corrupt than she was, Tom Corbett. Pennsylvanians will continue to see much more of the corruption in state gov’t. Why? Because they stupid leaders. The reason you have stupid leaders is because the majority of Pennsylvanians that vote are also stupid. You get the leaders that you said you deserved. You voted for them.

  • Bill

    Remember: Hillary and Bill Clinton campaigned for Kathleen Kane ? remember the kiss up radio interviews local hack pretend journalist angry Steve Corbette did before Kathleen Kane was elected? According to Corbette, ” she is a good smart choice for Pennsylvania ” Ha ! Who else will Steve Corbette tell us to vote for? Hillary ? get past the woman thing and do some digging there, News Guy.

  • Bill

    and the same people who voted for her will vote for Hillary. The only difference is that Kane doesn’t have a trail of dead bodies behind her …………………

    • WAKE UP

      Kane came before Wolf. She was also investigated before Wolf even spoke of running for office. She was under Gov. Corbett.
      You must be an Obama blamer too.

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