Man Arrested after Throwing Gun, Quran at Wilkes-Barre Officer

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WILKES-BARRE -- A Wilkes-Barre man is locked up after police say he threw a loaded gun at an officer.

Police say they found Musa Farrakhan, 33, of Wilkes-Barre, walking in the middle of Conyngham Avenue just after midnight Friday morning.

He allegedly threw a loaded pistol and a copy of the Quran at the officer.

Investigators say he's a convicted felon who's not allowed to have a gun.

He was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, reckless endangering, and persons prohibited from carrying a firearm.


  • Bill

    but we need to never question their intention. might hurt the little terrorists feelings. 74% of US muslims want sharia law to rule the land. 74% maybe higher

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    And since we’re on this issue, I will never buy
    or recommend to anyone to buy a mini-cooper. After seeing their Olympics commercials, it is very clear that they are anti-white.

    • Bill K

      Preach. RAHOWA is already here. Those kind are 13% of the population yet commit over 50% of all murders. Yet we let them roam unchecked on the streets.

  • Jess Sain

    Odd, he looked so introspective. I would have thought he was off to give disseration on string theory or perform a brain surgery. He is barely worth feeding to a wood chipper.

  • Supporter of America

    Wait, you mean Hillary’s and Obama’s thoughts of outlawing guns would keep criminals from having them. Oh wait, criminals don’t follow the law, so how does that work?? Too bad he didn’t point the gun at the officers, it would be one more loser in Wilkes-Barre the police would have to deal with for the rest of their careers. Of course, I’m sure MUSA is an upstanding person and has a perfect record, just like the other career losers on the news.

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