Busy Night For Firefighters Battling Two Different Fires

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WEATHERLY -- Firefighters were still on the scene Saturday morning in Weatherly after a fire broke out on 3rd Street and destroyed two homes.

"Until the rest of the guys got here, we had a good firefight on our hands when we got here," said Chief Don Weston of Citizens Fire Company.

As crews from all over the area battled that fire, another fire started in nearby Freeland, meaning crews had to split their resources between the two scenes. No one was injured in the Freeland fire.

"It's taxing on everybody," Weston added. "We work together like a well-oiled machine. Everybody worked great today and it came out good. Nobody got hurt and that's the best part of it."

Between the two homes destroyed, six people were displaced because of this fire. But as firefighters are quick to point out, it could have been more.

Patrick Hancharick lives in one of the other five homes here on the block in Weatherly that were damaged because of the heat of the fire.

"I was pretty worried about it," said Hancharick. "It was scary. I've seen fires before but nothing that was ever going to affect me as far as y home goes. Nothing this close."

On top of his siding that melted, his blinds melted as well through a glass window.

"We couldn't open the door," Hancharick added. "We looked out the window and you could feel the heat coming through the door and the windows. We didn't even attempt to open them."

The state fire marshal was on scene and is still investigating an official cause of this fire. No one was injured in the Weatherly fire.