Heavy Rains Close Roads in Luzerne, Lackawanna Counties

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KINGSTON -- Flash floods also hit parts of Luzerne County Saturday.

Heavy rains flooded the streets at least a foot deep along North Welles Avenue in Kingston.

Neighbors say this area is prone to flooding. This time, officials were forced to close a four-block area.

“We wanted to get some food, but the road is blocked. We cannot go anywhere because they blocked the left and the right side and we are in the middle so we can’t go anywhere,” said Datchnee Srirattana of Kingston.

Public works directed traffic and turned on pumps to help clear the streets.

Newswatch 16 also caught up with Saki Burke walking in the rain. He had only seen this amount of rain once before.

Jeremiah Taylor just moved to this area and already had to move his car once this week from heavy rain and had to do the same thing Saturday.

“It seems like this is a regular occurrence whenever it rains so you just expect it. I actually park my car a little further down where it’s just far enough where it won’t happen,” Taylor said.

In Scranton, cars were stuck in flooded streets while hundreds of others had to deal with power outages.

Rains caused a section of Jefferson Avenue to be blocked off because of a sinkhole.

Earlier, fire crews on Green Ridge Street say power wires fell, knocking out the power, and catching a house on fire.

Steve Rela was in the middle of having a picnic with his friends when he says lightning struck the pole.

Luckily, Rela says everyone was outside and there were no injuries.

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