One of the Top Dogs

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SCRANTON -- Peter Ventura is the owner of Coney Island Lunch in Scranton. He has been making hot dogs since 1966.
When he heard the news about the top ranking at his restaurant from The Daily Meal website, he was in shock.

"When it got down to the single numbers, now I'm thinking we really aren't going to make it, but when it came up third, I went through the roof" says Ventura.

To make this top ranked dog, Ventura says its all about the stacking of mustard, onions, chili, and of course -- the hot dog.

"We actually cut them down the middle and cook them on both sides," says Ventura, "Then we put the mustard, onions, the chili on top, and boom you are in heaven".

The lunch crowd packed the restaurant all to try the famous dog.

Haiyan Lin is from Iowa.  She came with her family because she like the old-fashioned look of Coney Island Lunch and all of the different types of food.

"It's their first time to try chili," says Lin, "Everything is very interesting for us."

Locals like Fay Reid say although she travels a lot, there is one thing she says she can't live without; a Coney Island chili-dog.

"I was a military wife and I was in the military and the one thing we always wanted to do was have a Texas wiener at Coney Island. That goes without saying".

Charlie Wilson has been coming here for decades. He even brought his grandson Otis along to share this delicious memory.

As far as the ranking, Wilson says he wasn't shocked Coney Island Lunch was ranked so high.

"I'm not surprised that people locally know it but or that to get the type of national recognition I think its fantastic," said Wilson.


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