Rescue Crews Credit Dog with Helping Save Owner

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HAZLE TOWNSHIP -- It's not every day that a tale comes to life, but this is the true story of how a man's best friend became his hero.

A dog led emergency crews to an area where his master was stranded in the woods in Luzerne County. Emergency responders and rescuers told us they've seen a lot, but this was something new for them.

"He knew we were there. It was like watching Lassie. He led us right up the hill."

Rescuers spent three hours search a 79-year-old man who had fallen and hit his head during a hike near the Humboldt Industrial Park outside Hazleton.

911 was able to give rescuers a general area of where the man was, but it was his dog's continuous bark that led them direct to him.

"We stopped at an embankment. We didn't think we would be able to drive up. The county was telling us he was up there. We were starting to debate if we could get up there how are we getting down," said Matthew Marsicano of Hazle Township.

The dog, named Guy, left his master's side to run to rescuers and practically guided them how to safely get up and down the steep embankment.

"The dog ran up the bank, would stop every 20-30 feet and look back and start barking. As we got him loaded up and started carrying him down, every time we carried him the dog was whining right at our feet. We would have to stop to not trip over the dog. When we put him down the dog sat right next to him."

Guy's owner had been injured in the woods for more than 12 hours. Thanks to Guy, rescuers were able to get him to a hospital.

For now, this little hero is hanging with the family of one of the Hazle Township volunteer firefighters until his owner is released from the hospital.

"He hardly drank any water, wouldn't eat any treats. We have food here from my son's pup that we keep on hand and he wouldn't eat any of it," said Mary Kalinoski of Hazle Township.

Guy eventually ate some homemade chicken and rice.

His owner is expected to be released from the hospital on Friday.


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