Father Who Lost Son to Hit-and-Run Driver Accused of Driving Drunk, Three Times Legal Limit

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NANTICOKE -- Court papers have been released in a DUI case against a Luzerne County dentist who helped secure tougher laws after his son was hit and killed.

The papers indicate that Stephen Miller had a blood alcohol level of .273 when he was pulled over last month.

That's more than three times the legal limit.

Miller's wife and children were also in the car that cops stopped in the Nanticoke area in June.

Miller and his wife helped establish a new law named after their son.

The law increases penalties for drivers who flee the scene of a deadly crash.


    • SUP DUDE

      “The law increases penalties for drivers who flee the scene of a deadly crash.” It is literally the last sentence in this article. I know reading is difficult, but he won’t be effected by the laws he helped enact. He did not flee a deadly crash.

    • Jeff

      I’m not sure what kind of person wishes ill will on someone who lost his 5 year old to a drunk hit and run driver and worked to have the laws changed for the better. I’m not one to usually pass blind judgment on people but I’d have to imagine you’re the type of person who is guilty of drunk driving frequently. The problem is drunk driving is an epidemic and has affected many lives. This individual made a bad mistake and will pay for it, as anyone driving drunk should. I feel for this family, and hope Mr. Miller gets some help.

      • instant karma

        Your right. Ive been drinking and driving on an almost daily basis for over 30 years. The only difference between me and this bonehead is that i am not ‘Mr. Do gooder’ and im smart enough to never get caught.

    • burtfan16

      It’s ironic you use the screen name “Instant Karma” because that’s what’s going to come around and bite you in the ass. Enjoy your freedom while you can.

      • instant karma

        I dont put on a fake mr. do gooder face and then get busted. At least when i get busted i wont be considered a hypocrite like this loser. But then, i never get busted. Not in 30 years i say. Karma cant seem to find me!

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