Man Accused of Driving Mini-Bike with Dog Chained to the Back

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MESHOPPEN TOWNSHIP – A man is accused of driving a mini-bike in Wyoming County with a dog chained to the back of the bike.

Officers say when they finally stopped Harry Faux, 45, the dogs paws were bleeding.

Faux allegedly told the officers he was teaching the dog a lesson.

He was also charged with DUI in Wyoming County


  • red

    Maybe this idiot will read these comments and think about what he did…or never mind…he doesn’t look like he can read……scumbag

  • donna

    Maybe its time for the laws to change and we have stiffer penalties for animal cruelty crimes. Hopefully the judge he gets is an animal lover and will give him exactly what he deserves.. a long jail sentence……

  • aprilshowers

    To the 2-3 people that went through all the bashing comments about this guy and did a ‘thumbs down’…get a reality check. He’s scum… but I will pray he gets his harsh punishment here on earth so his soul doesn’t get treated they way he treats others when he rots in hell for eternity.

  • Patricia Lasher

    I am writing to comment on your story regarding the man who tied his dog to a mini bike and dragged it behind to “teach it a lesson”. Let me just say that I think we should contact the bikers who recently rode in the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter fund raiser and see if they would volunteer to tie this idiot to the back of their motorcycles, drag him down the road and “teach him a lesson” or two. It is time that these animal cruelty crimes receive tougher penalties; perhaps an eye for an eye or even a tail for a tail?


    This dog was probably the only living creature that would tolerate the company of this POS. And look what he did to his ONLY friend!
    I’m so glad that there are organizations in the community that take abused animals, heal them up, and then find deserving and loving homes for them. I live in a community where nearly every home, including my own, has at least one Rescue.
    Thanks to SPCA, One Life to Live, Blue Chip, and all the other organizations that actively do something to help!

  • magicmikexxsm

    Man Accused of Driving Mini-Bike with Dog Chained to the Back………………….

    What an effing dirt bag, please give 20 minutes with this guy..I want to chain him to the back of my car and drag him down 81, at 70mph say for a mile…

  • just saying

    We dont know all the facts here folks. Perhaps he tied the dog earlier in the day and forgot. Clark griswald had that happen to him with grandma’s dog on his way to wallyworld. The cop let him off. It was accident. Accidents happen. This perp admitted to teaching the dog a lesson but he also was under the influence. He may have misspoke.

    • Anoone

      It was no accident the dog was wondering around the road unattended they couldn’t find it he took the bike to find her .once she was found he tied her to the back of the bike and drug her up the road .

  • Fran

    Sick sadistic individual, he should be chained to the back of a moving mini bike. Anyone that can hurt a animal like that is capable of doing to a human as well.

    • lee

      Hopefully this POS will stay exactly where he belongs…BEHIND BARS for a very long time. And he is never allowed to have an animal again. Please dont return this wonderful animal to this poor excuse for humanity.

  • Richard Fluharty

    Hey scumbag! run into me and you’ll get a dragging behind my truck! Let’s teach YOU a lesson. God, this stuff never happened back home in NJ. I can’t stand living here any more.

  • What is this world coming to

    Someone should tie him up and keep on dragging him !!! >>>>>>Then drive over him after that!!!

  • reality

    To Trump Is a Scum.. You are an idiot. Just like the guy that did that to the dog.. Please go get an education and learn to speak english in a kind and understandable way.

    • Trump floats on the top of a pond

      Look at him.. You’re telling me he’s not a Trumpie? Reality..

      Damn trump supporters hurting poor dogs.. Now we’re going to have a horrible president like Hillary.. Should have chosen a different billionaire..

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