Police Department in Lycoming County Expands Coverage Area

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PICTURE ROCKS -- If you're traveling through Picture Rocks this Fourth of July weekend, you might see a new pair of lines on the road. A police officer from Hughesville is clocking the speed of cars as drivers' pass through the borough on Route 220.

"Well with just him sitting there look at the difference in speed with the traffic going by," said Hughesville Police Chief Rod Smith.

Hughesville Police Department is expanding its coverage area. Starting this week, for the next 6 months when there's an emergency in Picture Rocks, Hughesville will answer the call first.

"We can handle it. Manpower is good here," added Smith.

Smith says back in January council members from Picture Rocks reached out to his department for help. During the 6 month trial period, the Hughesville Police Department will be paid for eight hours of work each week. It’s money Picture Rocks already has in this year’s budget.

"Response time will be a lot better because like you said its 3 miles away. 5 minutes as to 10, 15 minutes best-case response time from Montoursville," said Wade Eichenlaub.

The main reason Hughesville is offering its services to Picture Rocks is because of all of the speeding that happens on the Main Street in the borough.

"They just fly up and down the street,” said Candy LaChance.

LaChance is hopeful traffic will slow down. "It's so loud. Good luck it's like this all day yep and all night," said LaChance.

As for folks in Hughesville, "I'm not worried about the coverage they are doing a good job,” said Tom Eddy.

Others tend to agree with Tom Eddy. He thinks this new trial period could help put the brakes on speeding and at the same time build a better relationship between both boroughs.


  • Mr Brown goes to town

    Oh Shazam someone was speeding! How about releasing the statistics to show us how many folks were injured by speeders in picture rocks so we can draw out our own conclusions as to whether a police presence is really necessary!

  • Joe

    Maybe if the speed limits were posted at the 85th percentile free-flowing traffic speed, things would be better? When limits are underposted, it makes “violators” out of safe drivers and creates a hazard.

  • cant fix stupid

    I got an idea. How about lycoming county focusing its law enforcement on the ghetto of williamsport where it needs to be focused. Leave these country folk alone out in picture rocks. Theyre not shootin, drug dealing, and thuggin like the trash in willy. Stupid!

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