Folks Getting Fired Up For The Fourth Of July

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- At Schiff's Wholesale Food Outlet in Scranton, folks were gearing up for their Fourth of July cookouts with family and friends.

“We're going to long island to visit my family and so we`re taking with us a little bit of PA,” said Debra Bell from Dickson City.

“We have like 60 to 100 people that usually come and we just hang out and play volleyball and horseshoes and sit around the fire pit,” said Melody Smith from Fell Township.

Knowing the grill would be going all weekend, meat was a must for the menu.

“Hot dogs, hamburgers, we got some pies and lunch meat,” said Bell.

“Hamburgers, chicken on the grill, a lot of family over, just have a nice quiet weekend,” said Barry McMullen from Honesdale.

At Lackawanna State Park, the meat was already over the coals.

One group of friends snagged a large pavilion and put on an impressive spread of food.

And while the adults chowed down, the kids were splashing around.

“It's such a nice weather, we expecting some thunder storm but still it's nice so there`s the new pool and the kids enjoy it,” said Karine Quintilano from Scranton.

Despite those expected storms, the camp ground at the park was packed.

“Every summer holiday we're here,” said Marty Webb from Taylor. “Memorial Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July, we come the end of October before they close up.”

Of course, celebrating the red white and blue means big business for beer distributors.

At Pioneer Beer in North Scranton, cars were lined up for suds, making owner Vince Brunetti very happy

“This is the best time of year. it`s better than Christmas,” said Brunetti.  “It's summer time, you're with family, friends, outdoors having beers.”