Home Invasion, Assault, Robbery in Bradford County

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP – Police are looking for three men who allegedly broke into a home in Bradford County, roughed up a resident, and attempted to rob him.

It happened around 2 a.m. Tuesday on Springfield Road in East Smithfield, near Ulster, according to troopers.

Investigators said three men wearing masks broke into the home, tried to get money, and assaulted the man living there.

The victim had to be taken to a hospital.

There is no word on what the robbers may have gotten.

Anyone with information is asked to call state police at 570-265-2186.


  • truth

    Reason: heroin. Bradford county is pa murder/drug capital per capita. Law enforcement only has dui concerns. Easy, lazy money.

    • Athens

      Remember that time those officers were shot-and killed serving a warrant to a druggie in Bradford country? It runs though my head every time I see stuff like this. As for chasing after the deadbeats who peddle drug, what is the point when the punishment is so weak?

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