Vandals Hit ‘Trump Truck’ in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Vandals have apparently hit a Donald Trump-themed tractor trailer in Scranton.

Someone used white spray paint to paint over part of Trump's face on both sides of the trailer.

The truck is the brainchild of businessman Bob Bolus from Lackawanna County and has been making the rounds this campaign season. It was even spotted in New York City last month.

The truck was parked outside the Holy Cross Athletic Association Hall in Scranton Tuesday night, where Trump supporters were having a watch party for the night's primary races.

Bolus says he plans to file charges with police over the vandalism.


  • your fired!

    I wonder if the Bernie supporter who has 3 diplomas on his cubical wall also has a transgender bathroom nearby so he doesn’t have to keep using the men’s room.

  • greek mafia

    I know everything, too much about the bolus’s. If you re-read my post I said “both” bolus companies. Of course they’re seperate entities but they are family. One cannot deny their own bloodline no matter how crooked they both are.

  • Truth....

    Let me fix that title for ya’
    “Worthless low-life Democrats hit ‘Trump Truck’ in Scranton”

  • Frank Rizzo

    most likely a Sander Supporter, they don’t work and have all the time in the world for such savage acts.

    • ***

      That awkward moment when a Bernie Sanders supporter replies to this post from work,to let you know that I notice you have a comment on almost every single wnep post. You claim Bernie Sander supporters do not work, yet you have all this time to comment on every story, every single day. Let me laugh at this comment from my desk at which I sit at 40+ hours a week while I stare at all 3 of my diplomas right behind my monitor.

  • greek mafia

    Probably the Bolus’s paid someone to do this. Both of the Bolus trucking companies are very dishonest. Especially the terminal on Keyser ave.

    • joe

      If you knew anything about Mr.Bolus you’d know he has nothing to do with the trucking co. on Keyser Ave.

      • my right to carry does not end at the end of my driveway !

        I love the way you guys hang Bob Bolus on a cross anytime he makes a mistake. But when it comes time to feed the poor on Thanksgiving he is positively great. Put that dumb lying goof’s picture on the side of a truck and see what happens. The FBI will show where her picture is going to be.

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