Line Mountain Teachers Strike Again

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TREVORTON -- For the second time this school year, teachers in the Line Mountain School District are on strike.

This time, teachers only picketed for about an hour. They plan to use their time off to do community service projects.

The strike is expected to last for six days, and teachers wanted to be productive. Instead of walking in a picket line and carrying signs, they are volunteering at various places in Northumberland County.

"They're going to be helping out local food banks, helping churches, other civic organizations who may need assistance during their difficult times," said Pennsylvania State Education Association Representative Mark McDade.

The teachers are on strike for the second time this school year. They went on strike the first time in September. They haven't had a pay raise since 2010.

"We've been negotiating for four years now, even longer than that," McDade said.

Students are tentatively scheduled to go back to class next Friday, and many parents are frustrated.

"I feel that they should have waited. The school year's almost over, so it's not right to take their summer vacations away from them," said Kelly Cerklefskie of Dornsife.

"I really do feel that it should've went through this time. Especially now because the kids have to be in school so long," said Virginia Leib of Trevorton.


Not all of the students are out of class. The seniors are still in school so they can graduate on time. They're being taught by the district's superintendent and other school administrators.

"All the seniors will leave after these six days having their resume, their cover letter for employment completed," said Superintendent Dave Campbell. "The attendance today was no different than the average daily attendance."

The strike is scheduled to end next Thursday, and the students will go back to school next Friday. The last day of school for underclassmen will be June 30, but the seniors will graduate on time.

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