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Speed Limit Going Up on More Highways

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The speed limit is going up on additional stretches of highway in the state, according to PennDOT and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

Starting Tuesday, crews will begin installing new 70 mph signs on the roads affected.

PennDOT roadways that are being posted with the new limit over the next few days (including current pilot areas) are:

  • I-79 from I-90 in Erie County south to a point just north of the PA 228 interchange in Butler County (97 miles)
  • I-79 from I-70 in Washington County south to the West Virginia border (33 miles)
  • I-80 from the Ohio State border east to a point near mile marker 190 in Clinton County (190 miles)
  • I-80 from a point near mile marker 195 in Union County to a point near mile marker 247 in Columbia County (52 miles)
  • US 15 from the interchange with PA 14 in Lycoming County north to the New York State line (49 miles)
  • I-99 from Exit No. 68 in Centre County south to a point near mile marker 34 in Blair County (34 miles)
  • I-99 from Exit No. 28 in Blair County south to mile marker 0 (PA Turnpike) in Bedford County (28 miles)
  • I-380 from I-84 in Lackawanna County south to Exit No. 3 in Monroe County (21 miles)

Sections of the Turnpike that are currently marked for 65 mph will be changed to 70 mph, starting Tuesday. Areas that are marked as 55 mph will stay at 55 mph.

Drivers now have about 1,000 miles of roadway at 70 mph, according to state officials.

"It’s a good idea because Ohio, Indiana, all those other states I travel through they all have speed limits of 70-75. 65 is too slow on an interstate," said Thomas Stombaugh of Dickson City.

It was nearly two years ago when 70 mph signs went up along Interstate 380 as a test to see if this speed could be a change for the future.

"Pilot areas we saw very minimal increases in overall speed and nothing in the way of indicating it was a problem increasing to 70 mph," PennDOT secretary Leslie Richards said.

Part of Interstate 380 has been 70 miles per hour since 2014. Some drivers say they're okay with it. Others say 70 is just too fast.

"I think it's fine. They're doing it now, you know, so it's just going to be no tickets really," said Ken Legg of Daleville.

"They go faster here than they do at the Pocono racetrack at Long Pond. It hasn't helped anything," another driver said.

According to PennDOT, the speed change is only happening in areas that do not have high crash histories, heavy traffic, and weaving traffic.

"It’s harder to stop. It's harder to react. If you're unintentive, your mistakes are magnified at that speed. That's what it is," said Ron Bianchi of Scranton.

According to PennDOT officials, workers started changing speed signs from 65 to 70 Monday and plan to do it throughout the week. They want drivers to know, until you see new signs posted on the highway -- the speed limit is still 65.


  • Captain Pike

    How’s about with the Turnpike we change the speed limit based on how many vehicles are using the Turnpie using LED speed limit signs?

    If traffic is light we can raise the speed limit, heavy, lower it.

    • rnasca

      Then some hacker gets into the system and sets the limit at 125 mph. I wonder if the idiot drivers will put down their cellphones long enough to try and do 135.

  • PENNA76

    I-81 has the lowest volume of traffic through Schuylkill County. North of Exit 112 (Hegins), turns and grades aren’t as bad. Exit 112 through 138 (McAdoo) is a 26 mile stretch I’d like to see posted at 70mph.

  • JD

    Good. Now will they PLEASE raise the speed limit in the country to above 25 or 35? I can RUN faster than that!

  • Phil McIntyre

    One of the biggest problems I see is that now the tour/charter buses can average speeds of 80-85 with the change. Right now they average 75-80 mph on I-81 and I-80 (sometimes faster). I have never seen one stopped by State Police so apparently those speeds by the buses are ok with the troopers. Each time there is an accident with a tour bus we hear there has to be an investigation. To me that’s a joke. Lack of sleep and very high speeds the reason? Lets put 50-60 lives on a bus and then drive like a nut. Should be zero tolerance for buses especially.

    • Barney bob

      Phil, your comment is perfectly correct. And I see your a fellow irishman. Your a perfectly correct irishman. Life does not get any better than that.

      • Phil McIntyre

        Lol….thanks. Life is good. Last week on I-81 watched a bus at 82 mph in left lane about 4 feet from a woman’s bumper until she got out of the way. I took down the name of the bus company in Pittsfield, MA. Looked at bus # too. Tried to call the company but a very nice Asian lady answered and had no idea what I was talking about. The best one was Tiger in Olyphant when I called them about one of their buses loaded with kids from a high school here doing 75 on Route 11 near Factoryville. Instead of thanking me for calling, she argued with me instead, said it was impossible. I say call the bus companies and tell them what you think when you see them driving too fast or erratically.

  • Dave

    So everyone will go over! It’s funny how everyone whines about the speed going up, um everyone speeds! And to the idiot that said people drive faster then at Pocono, um those cars are doing over 175+ MPH! 105 MPH over the legal limit…🤔😆 that’s a crash I never want to be in!

  • Franko

    It sucks that they will never raise the speed limit I-84 past Mt.Cobb going into the merge where it ends and I-81 begins over by Tigue street, even though after Mt.Cobb it is rural and the highway has a huge divie between the West and East sides until you get down to the bridge before Tigue Street, they still have it 55 all these years. Because of some silly archaic (old) law, they cannot have the speed limit past 55 within so many miles close to a major city/residential area, even though there are no residential areas until you either merge over to I-81 Southbound by Dunmore or until you hit I-81 northbound going into Dunmore. Just like I-81 South and North – there is a difference in the speed, North past Clark Summit is 65 but southbound drops way before you reach Clarks Summit area because of that old law.

  • Cj

    Awesome ! Everyone drive it anyways. Just keep truckers in the right lane and we all can be happy.

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