New York State Denies Pipeline Permit

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NEW MILFORD TOWNSHIP -- New York State denied the permit to construct a major pipeline planned to link natural gas from northeastern Pennsylvania with New York and New England.

The Constitution Pipeline was the reason trees were cut down here in Susquehanna County last month, even though the owners of that maple tree farm fought to save them.

They had argued that should wait at least until New York state made its decision.

Pipeline officials said they are still committed to the project and are considering an appeal.

They had argued this pipeline would bring jobs and be vital for the gas industry.



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  • Timothy Tingley

    The reason the Chesepeake C.E.O. and founder killed himself recently is that he didn’t want to be around when their Enron level fraud unfolds. Natural gas prices are already crazy low, and that produced Natural gas would be going on the international market as soon as it is produced. It’s called a “fungible” quality. With the Iranian oil and Natural gas coming on the market next month from the nuclear deal. The only people who benefit from this is the bankers and Natural gas companies.

  • Joe Swansonberger

    People wonder why energy costs will be outragious again in a couple years.Government regs killing jobs yet again attacking an already receding industry mainly because of lack of pipeline for transportation to markets in need of gas. This pipeline would raise the quality of living by reducing the cost to heat their homes each winter, and New York,who already has many gas lines, denies it. Most likely because its not provided from landfills. Government always kills competition of the powerful.

    • please push in my stool

      It’s ny state. They already had the gender neutral bathrooms built and ready to go. I think theyre waiting to hire some more transexual “pipefitters”. Most of the original crews returned to Texas last year.

  • magicmikexxsm

    New York State Denies Pipeline Permit……………………..
    Well duh, guess NY likes their people to freeze in the winter, and pay more for their gas…….
    Now to the company who went and cut all those trees down, Poor project planning!!!!!!!!!, you idiots think you would have had all your freaking ducks in a row, before you destroy the land by cutting all those trees down……..I don’t mind projects like this to better man kind, but not if you don’t have all the permits and state okays……maybe this company should fire their P&E department.

  • Timothy Tingley

    What happens when most of these natural gas companies go bankrupt? Who is going to check on these steel and concrete well casings that are freezing and thawing every year underground? Ive seen internal docs. From the gas companies that say 7% of the wells are leaking in the first year. That is a huge number. This will be the coal industry all over again in PA. Production is privatized, cleaning up after them will be led to the public. What a shame.

    • Joe Swansonberger

      How did you happen upon these internal documents? An internet anti frac page? Or did you break in ninja style middle of the night and happen to raid the right filing cabinet drawer?

      • Timothy Tingley

        They were part of an accidental data dump of internal emails. They were widely reported. Check out the international media it has real news. The Intecept reported on it domestically.

  • Timothy Tingley

    The natural gas industry is part of the largest financial fraud in human history. They have been fracking and pumping these wells to create production numbers. They need oil and gas prices to be over 50/ a barrel to make any profit. So , they have securitized their non-existent future profits and have sold them to forgein investors. Just like the housing bubble 10 years ago. This industry is garbage. People need to wake up. This pipeline was never going to be approved because it wasn’t in the people’s interest, and NY state knows that. They have a better educated citizenry that takes environmental stewardship seriously.

  • Mike

    smart smart move NY. Nobody wants lower energy bills. There’s lots of wind out there to capture and power your car and heat your house. i just signed a wind lease yesterday for $5,500.00 an acre.

    • tom

      How does one power a car wind? Do you put a windmill on your car? By the way what happens when there is no wind? You all know there is no big battery some where, where the energy from the windmills is stored for future use. Yea it was a real smart move for the libs in NY not to have a reliable source of clean economical fuel for their residence,
      while having alternative fuel sources such as wind and solar. Just another misguided decision by a group of people acting with the emotional side of their brain instead of the intellectual side. Way to go NY

      • Mike

        the windmill attaches to the top of the car. Bridges and trees and power lines can be tricky to maneuver around but i just feel good when i say i’m for wind power.

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