Donald Trump Asks About Joe Paterno, Confusing Crowd in Pittsburgh

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PITTSBURGH -- It seems that Donald Trump may not know Joe Paterno died.

Speaking to a crowd of supporters in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, Trump asked about Joe Paterno and said, "How's Joe Paterno? We gonna bring that back?"

Paterno died in 2012.

Perhaps he was referring to the Paterno statue, but that didn't stop many people from Tweeting their confusion over the comments.

Others pointed out that Trump mentioned Paterno, the former Penn State coach, in Pittsburgh: the home of the University of Pittsburgh.

A Trump campaign official later clarified Donald Trump meant the statue of Joe Paterno. It was removed from outside Beaver Stadium after the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.


  • Tom J.

    Also, Trump wants to meet with his favorite actor from Pennsylvania while he’s here…Jimmy Stewart.

  • Mike Reed

    He was referring to Joe Paterno the statue that was taken down because of PC BS! They are making this another reason to bash him. These stories are fed by the GOP establishment.

    • Maybe...

      There’s plenty of PC BS to be had (I’m thinking a lot of confederate flag stuff) but of all the UNIMPORTANT things to promise in a campaign speech!? Resurrecting the statue of a football coach (dumb enough in it’s own right) who conspired with or was too dumb to notice a child molester. What idiot hears that and thinks “he has my vote!”?

  • the duke of campbell's ledge

    Fools he meant the legacy, why would such a brilliant busy man keep up with

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