Locals Looking For More Traffic Signs Along Construction Project

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LA PLUME TOWNSHIP -- State police are still investigating a crash Friday night in Lackawanna County along a busy road still under construction.

Drivers we spoke with and people who live along Routes 6 and 11 told us this project has been a safety hazard.

There are signs along the construction zone, but for people like Sharon Soltis, those signs aren't enough.

She lives in La Plume township near the heavily traveled road and says she has watched more and more crashes happen since construction started.

"That lane is closed but you can clearly see how someone can go that way," she showed Newswatch16. "Cars are coming out this way, there's no signs, no arrows, no proper direction."

This is the same road where two Keystone College students were killed back in January after their car crossed the median near that construction zone.

Employees at the Bluebird Diner have had a front row seat as they've seen day in and day out, drivers driving where they aren't supposed to because of the construction.

"There's barrels everywhere," said Jane Dorsey. "You don't know which side of the barrel you're supposed to be on." That's why Dorsey, along with others Newswatch16 spoke with hopes PennDOT can put in more signs.

"It's been really bad," added Noreen Lynch. "Sometimes you don't know which way you're going and then they move everything and you think you're on that side because you used that side."

Newswatch16 spoke with PennDOT and a spokesperson said it's important for people to take it slow in a construction zone.

Additionally, you need to keep an eye on the double yellow lines. As long as you keep them on your left, you shouldn't get confused during the construction phase.

The project in La Plume Township is expected to finish in November of 2017.


  • Pat

    Even in daylight, trying to turn from 6 onto 107 is scary. There are so many lanes coming out of 107 that you can’t tell where you are supposed to be. I plan to never turn left there. I’ll go into town, and turn around. It is just too dangerous there. I don’t want to be the one who gets killed before they fix the problem.

  • 150 ideas that made scranton great

    The people who can’t figure out what the barrels are there for are requesting more signs??? How about a sign on their cars indicating that the driver is an idiot and won’t put down the cell phone even in a construction area.

  • Tom

    I go through there all the time, it’s pretty simple which way you’re supposed to drive. Don’t know what else to say…

  • Jerry Hayes

    I agree 100% on their suggestion of using the double yellow line. The issue is,,you can’t see the double yellow line in many places because it is worn off,,REPAINT the double yellow line Penndot !!!!

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