Suspected Double Murderer Shot During Capture

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WEST BRUNSWICK TOWNSHIP -- After a five-day manhunt from New York City to Schuylkill County,  U.S. Marshals caught a suspected double murderer.

Just after 11 p.m. Monday, authorities caught up with Antonio Morales, 49, near Port Clinton. State police noticed his car parked near the entrance of a hiking trail along Route 61.

Morales was surrounded and told to get out of his car, but when he reached for his waist U.S. Marshals shot him.

"Preliminarily, for the benefit of the community and the safety of law enforcement officers, certainly justifiable," said Schuylkill County District Attorney Christine Holman.

Holman added Morales was found with a gun and already suspected in Staten Island, New York of shooting a mother and her son in the head, allegedly over damage to his car.

The murder happened on March 24, and authorities believe immediately after, Morales fled to Pennsylvania where he has family and property.

U.S. Marshals searched for Morales in Pottsville, because he had ties to the community. He was the registered owner of a house on Front Street and was found just 30 minutes from there.

Morales in currently in a hospital in Reading, recovering from the gunshot wounds. He is expected to be taken back New York soon to face charges for the Staten Island double murder.


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