Students, Elected Officials Debate Teacher Ethics

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KEYSTONE COLLEGE -- A Pittston Area School District teacher was arrested on Saturday for possessing a small portion of marijuana, making it the eighth teacher in the Pittston area and Wilkes-Barre area to be investigated over questionable conduct.

Over at Keystone College, students from all over Wyoming, Lackawanna, and Luzerne Counties gathered to meet with elected officials and others in a candid conversation about political and social issues affecting Pennsylvania.

Education was one of those issues discussed at the forum. With the number of teachers in trouble continuing to rise, students and elected officials all agree that issue of teacher ethics needs to be addressed.

"We have good teachers and I'm learning but it's one of those things where you expect more from your teachers," said one Pittston area student.

"Everybody makes mistakes in life, but teaching is a special area where we got to make sure if you're an educator, you meet the highest criteria," said Lt. Governor Mike Stack.

"Without teachers, we really don't have much to work with," added one Valley View High School student. "They teach us everything from the alphabet to what is the legislative branch."

"Whether it's someone in elected office, when it's an athlete that's looked up to by young people or whether it's a teacher, we have a standard to uphold," added Rep. Sid Kavulich.

So what's the solution among many we spoke with: it's tighter scrutiny on teachers when it comes to hiring them to make sure that they set a good example for students.

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  • The TRUTH you don't want to hear.

    Give me a break. #1….. how about everything waking minute of “elected officials” lives be recorded…. then see who is so clean. #2 When a teacher spends the full day with the children coming from drug and welfare homes, plus homes of parents who teach the children that educators are overpaid scum, they need a damn drink. #3 Pop drug test politicians and FIRE all who fail WITHOUT PENSIONS….. nuff said there. Teachers are people, often the highest educated in the community, yet we hold them on a pedestal……..only when we want to persecute them. How about treating teachers the way they SHOULD BE. What a crock of crap. This is what is wrong with America. Society wants to blame everything on teachers, including the grades of children who do nothing, but when its time to praise someone for good grades, it goes to Principals and parents. How about the parents take blame for rotten kids and management take the blame for students getting away with breaking rules?

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