Pottsville Students of All Ages To Utilize iPads

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POTTSVILLE -- Every student from kindergarten through high school in the Pottsville Area School District will soon have their own iPad for learning.

"It's definitely a lot more fun having electronics in the classroom and sometimes it can be a little bit easier because you have iPads [that are] super fast with loading and they're really great," said Chloe Heintz. The fifth-grader is in one of the several classrooms that already utilize the Apple technology.

Only some of the grades in the Pottsville Area School District use iPads now. But that's all about to change at the start of the next school year.

"We'll be able to put an iPad in the hands of every student K-12 and every teacher K-12 for less money than what we're paying now to give half the students a device," explained Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Zwiebel.

Because of a new offer from Apple, the school district will save nearly half a million dollars over the next several years, giving each student his or her own iPad, as opposed to limiting it to certain grades.

For the superintendent, it wasn't just savings for the school, it was a necessity for the students to succeed.

"Whether they're going to college, trade school or military or right into the work force, they have to have experience with a device like this," Zwiebel added.

"Some grades didn't have them so they were coming in and we had to go through the basics," said fifth-grade teacher Kelly Lombel. "I think now they'll have the basic knowledge over the next couples years so you can go more in-depth with things on the iPads."

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