University of Scranton Swim Teams Suspended Over Misconduct Allegations

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SCRANTON -- The University of Scranton's men's and women's swimming teams have been suspended and now both teams are under investigation.

The university is looking into alleged violations--including hazing--by some members of the teams.

A statement sent by the university's public relation department indicates that some members of the men's and women's swimming teams may have violated the university's hazing, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and alcohol policies.

Both teams are suspended pending a full investigation.

University students we spoke to were shocked when they heard the news.

Louis Jan is a freshman at the University of Scranton. He received the news just a few days ago.

"I just thought it was really unfortunate when I got the email," said Jan. "They sent a whole email out to the school, and yeah, I thought it was really unfortunate."

A statement sent out by the university reads, "The University of Scranton is investigating alleged violations by some members of the men's and women's swimming teams of the university's hazing, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, and alcohol policies."

University officials would not comment on exactly what kind of violations took place or how many team members were involved.

Freshman Anne Claire Stone thinks the allegations are scary and understands why the university is taking these measures.

"I think they should be suspended. Especially, being a freshman, it's kind of scary that something like that would be going on. I think it's unacceptable," said Stone.

The suspension prohibited those team members from participating in a conference championship that took place last week.

Some students we spoke to tell us this whole situation is unfortunate, especially for those who may not be involved.

Freshman Kelsey Ball isn't sure what to think about the allegations. All she knows is that it doesn't look good for the university or the team.

"I think it's terrible that they have to be involved and kicked off the team or suspended, so it's just a terrible situation."

The statement from the university indicates the investigation into both the men and women's swimming teams could take several weeks.


  • WatchingFromAfar

    Allegations of “hazing, sexual misconduct and alcohol policies” I’d expect this sort of conduct from a priest, not the students.

  • TomT

    Does not surprise me after all, it is run by the Jesuits. Just look at Georgetown, Fordham and you
    get the idea. There was an effort to have the Catholic identity removed from Georgetown however I don`t think that will happen anytime soon with a Jesuit Pope. There has been other controversies surrounding invitational speakers that were allowed to lecture despite their anti-Catholic positions.

  • lizzyybee

    Hazing? Gosh grow up,. Children. You’re in college now. First of all hazing is worst than bullying. SOME of the things some have done to others are just unspeakable. It really is a shame that Scranton has one more ugly thing added to its already plagued city. Honestly just relocate the citizens and blow up the place instead of building more buildings, and let’s start from scratch. There is no hope for it to be saved because there will always be some thing.

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