Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day

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GREGG TOWNSHIP -- For workers at Purity Candy near Allenwood, getting ready for Valentine's Day consists of two "D's": dip and drizzle.

Chocolate covered strawberries are the most popular item the store sells this time of year and the store was filled with customers asking for the fresh berries.

"Everything happens all at once. It's the last day or two depending on what day of the week it is. This year it's going to be a Friday/Saturday thing," manager John Burgeindt said.

A draw for customers is that they can watch employees prepare the strawberries through a window. Another popular item? Anything in a heart-shaped box! Some people say it's a tradition to shop at Purity Candy, which has been around in Union County for more than 100 years.

"We come in here quite often. It's usually not for me, it's for her and for her family," Cheryl Ulrich said.

Purity Candy has two locations in Union County and employees make most of the candy. That's just one of the reasons some people prefer to shop here over chain stores.

"It's fresher and it's homemade. It's displayed nice and when you're a kid it's like, 'Oh, I want one of everything,'" Brenda Kahley said.

"It's better flavor, I think," Ulrich said.

And Purity is already getting ready for its next biggest holiday with a large collection of Easter candy.

"We've been getting ready for Easter since right after Christmas. It's just something you have to do these days," Burfeindt said.

Purity Candy is open until 1 p.m. on Valentine's Day for all the last-minute shoppers.

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