Bird Boxes Raise Money, Help Migrating Birds

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SUMMIT HILL -- The cold weather coming this weekend is even tough on the birds, but a project by the Carbon County Environmental Education Center is meant to protect them.

The assembly is pretty simple. Franklin Klock showed us how the Carbon County Environmental Education Center is putting together bird boxes. They're a home for birds about to migrate back to Pennsylvania this spring, and dozens of them are for sale at the center in Summit Hill.

"What we're really all about is getting people outdoors, getting people and families outdoors that has something to do with the environment," Klock said.

This bird box fundraiser started here five years ago. Each year, new birds make their nests in the boxes families can hang on trees or poles at home.

"You might get chickadees. You might get house wrens. You might get house sparrows. You might get bluebirds," Klock said.

"When we saw this, we thought, 'This is really cool. We're going to come get one,'" said Marade Williams.

The Williams family came from Lehighton to get one for their house, for the kids to watch and learn.

"I think this is actually really cool and I'm really excited to look at some birds in here," said Amelia Williams.

"I think it's really cool because there's this tiny hole and you think they can't fit through there, but they actually can," Greg Williams said.

Money from the boxes helps in the care of the many rescued birds and educational programs at the center.

The boxes are an education themselves.

"It's a great educational program, opportunity to track all kinds of birds all year long," Marade said.

This is a fundraiser for the center. The boxes cost $15 each. But more importantly, the center is excited for people to take them home, put them up and provide a little home for nature.

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