Carjacking Escape Caught on Camera

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A woman was carjacked in Monroe County found a way to get free in Schuylkill County, but it wasn't over there. It all ended in a crash about 100 miles away from where the whole ordeal started.

That victim is a woman who police have not yet identified. Security video obtained by Newswatch 16 shows the moments that followed as she managed to escape during Wednesday's carjacking.

Raliek Chambers, who police believe kidnapped a woman and stole her car after trying to steal three others, is now in custody.

"I am amazed at the audacity of people to do things like that," said Janice Tillery of Bushkill.

Police said Raliek Chambers stole a woman's car at a gas station in East Stroudsburg. He threatened her, hit her and took off with the victim still in her car. Chambers told her she was his hostage and they were going to Virginia.

"That lady went through some trauma. Now, for the rest of her life, she's gonna be traumatized about that," added Tillery.

More than an hour later, the pair stopped at this gas station in Frackville, Schuylkill County to fuel up. Security video shows the woman making a run for it, appearing terrified and yelling for help.

"She jumped from the car at the pump, she tried to run out there," said Vinny Barot of Frackville. "She was just screaming outside!"

The woman then hid behind a man as Chambers circled the gas station. The man chased after him, but Chambers raced out of the gas station, down Interstate 81 south.

Matthew Farrone of Frackville said, "That's true coal region style right there, you know, everybody will help out when they see someone in need."

Police chased Chambers until he crashed near Carlisle.

From the carjacking in Monroe County to the gas stop in Schuylkill County to the place where he crashed along Interstate 81 in Cumberland County, chambers traveled nearly 140 miles in just a couple hours.

Farone added, "To be able to get away from somebody like that, you never know what could have happened."

Frackville Borough Police Chief Marvin Livergood commended her bravery saying she did the right thing by escaping when she was able to. He said, "I'm just glad the female from last evening is safe."

Now, Chambers faces several robbery and kidnapping charges. He's locked up in Cumberland County jail near Harrisburg.


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