Could The Globe Become Lackawanna County Offices?

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SCRANTON -- One of Lackawanna County's three commissioners wants to bring government to The Globe.

It's an idea that would consolidate Lackawanna County's offices inside the former Globe store on Wyoming Avenue in Scranton.

Inside it has more remnants of the office building it had been for the past decade than the beloved department store it was for so many decades before.

Lackawanna County Commissioner Pat O'Malley showed us The Globe as it is today as part of his pitch to move Lackawanna County government there.

"If I had a preference I believe that The Globe store in downtown Scranton, which has so many memories for so many people, would absolutely be the perfect building for county government," Commissioner O'Malley said.

Until the 1990s The Globe was the retail heart of downtown Scranton. Now, it's a big source of nostalgia.

It's also a void on the once busy Wyoming Avenue. An arm of the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce has been marketing the building for close to $3 million.

Commissioner O'Malley said he hasn't negotiated a price. But, he believes that buying The Globe and bringing all county offices here would save taxpayers money in the long run.

Under O'Malley's plan, the county would not just vacate the offices it rents it would also vacate one of the buildings it owns, the courthouse annex on the corner of Adams Avenue and Spruce Street.

The plan also would not put The Globe back on Scranton's tax roll, something city officials have been hoping for.

The Mall at Steamtown has pledged support for O'Malley's idea saying the mall would help build a walkway for county workers to go into the mall to shop.

"From the offices going into the mall but people going from mall to the offices and you`re going to see the front of the globe store with more traffic than it`s had in quite some time," said Mall at Steamtown General Manager Joe Kenney.

"I think everything ties together, the intermodal, the new owner of the mall, us coming to The Globe if the Board of Commissioners approves it. I think it all works towards the betterment of downtown Scranton," added Commissioner O'Malley.

Whether Lackawanna County buys The Globe is contingent on several things. Including an agreement from The Chamber which has already shown the property to prospective buyers from the private sector.

Commissioner O'Malley also needs support from two newly elected commissioners who start in January.

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  • James

    Are you serious!? What a clown we have representing Lackawanna county. Let the mall take care of it self. Why does Lackawanna county have to be near the globe? Kick backs perhaps?

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